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Over the past weeks I’ve made a bit of a casual observation. Our fans on Facebook are overwhelmingly mostly female. I suspect this can be said for most jewellery and fashion houses who have a presence on Facebook. We girls like to peruse the pics of lovely little pieces, share them, comment and daydream. Not surprisingly, the blokes aren’t really into Zaffre in this way :)

But, it’s a funny thing. While the gents aren’t necessarily swooning over our posts or liking our pics with abandon, it would seem that in the lead up to Christmas they are quietly taking in what their girlfriends, wives, partners etc  'like' and 'share' on that ubiquitous social media platform. As the time comes to finally make that daunting purchase they are referencing the trail of hints and suggestions left online.

...they are referencing the trail of hints and suggestions left online.

How do I know this? Well, consider this - although 95% of our Facebook fans are female, more than half of our customers from Facebook are male. Interesting. Oh, and they often tell us that’s how they found us.

No longer do we need to fuss with the clumsy business of dropping hints to a less than receptive audience. Gift shopping has evolved. Now all we need do is gently, subtly and oh-so-stylishly share our wants and desires in our newsfeed.

Love you technology.

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November 29, 2013 — D. Ramaiya



Bridget said:

It’s like leaving digital breadcrumbs…

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