Gifts for Men

Gadgets? Like there is anything left he hasn't bought himself. There is no item that requires syncing, networking, charging or installing that he doesn’t already have. And frankly, if he continues this way he’s going to need a handbag.

Xbox Games? Not on my watch.

Wallet? Oh yes, a wonderful follow up to the one I bought for his birthday. 

Sport related something or other? Why not? There’s space in the garage beside all the other racquets, clubs, specialty shoes etc gathering dust.

Perhaps you’re lucky. Perhaps you have a man who gives you clues, or maybe even tells you what he would like Santa to bring him this year. If you’ve never had to Google “gift ideas for men” then read no further, this editorial is not for you – you should go and join the unicorn and all the other mythological creatures in my garden :)

This year, I decided to consult the wisdom of our Zaffre shoppers. What are they buying? What is getting the thumbs up from the blokes? Overwhelmingly the answer is Tungsten Carbide. We have a range of Tungsten Carbide rings that are proving to be a winner. And why?

Well, they’re the man-gift that works on every level:

  1. They look good.
  2. They’re a bit different.
  3. They have man-cred. Tungsten Carbide is twice as hard as steel, stronger than titanium and it’s pretty much impossible to dent or scratch.
  4. They won’t take up space in the garage, or distract him for hours in front of a screen.
  5. A ring is beautiful message and a way of reminding him of you every time he wears it (unlike a BBQ chef pack).

You can browse our range here:

So there’s one problem solved. Now, to find something for a teenage nephew...

Tungsten Carbide Machined Groove Ring

Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fibre Ring

Tungsten Carbide Super High Gloss Classic Ring









November 12, 2013 — D. Ramaiya

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