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The basics for me when I nip out of the house and up to the shops are:

-       Keys
-       Purse
-       Phone

It’s hard to imagine a time when the phone wasn’t a basic necessity. Having said that, I don’t bring the phone because I think I might need to spontaneously call someone. Like most people, I don’t really use my phone for phone calls, but I do use it for everything else.

This little piece of tech is the control room of my daily existence. From where I’m going, and how to get there, my bank balance and social networks, to the ingredients in the Thai fish curry that I’m supposed to be preparing. Not to mention every last little detail of the antics of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian – for heaven’s sake, my life is in there. I think it’s brilliant. I love that I can answer those nagging little questions in an instant, that I will never get (entirely) lost again, and that I can text and update friends at will. And of course, the shopping.

It stands to reason then, that as we find more uses for our personal technology and it becomes more an extension of our eyes, ears and thumbs – technology must also reflect our personal style. The Glazed Conference in San Francisco (which is all about wearable technology) punctuated it’s close by showcasing the biggest and brightest, coolest and dare we say, weirdest tech fashion in development today. From the much discussed Google Glasses to “drum pants” that you tap to send a synthesised sound to your smartphone.

Technology meets fashion. Hmmm, personally, I wouldn’t hand over the reins of fashion design to any of the geeks I know – bless them, but no. Thankfully it seems many of the big guns are engaging with real fashion designers but so far I have to say, while the tech is exciting, I’m a no on the glasses and the mood sweater.

For me at this point, where “technology meets fashion” is where I can shop on my phone for my shoes, clothes and jewellery while I wait for my coffee. Yep, that’ll do for now.

October 17, 2013 — D. Ramaiya

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