A girl's jewellery collection can get cluttered. Last season's beads, oversize pendants and faux jewels in every colour. So many trinkets and not a lot of style... damn you, impulse purchase!
Let us help you get back to the basics.
Your jewellery wardrobe should start with 7 key pieces - beautifully crafted from the purest materials. They should be pieces you love, that reflect your style, that you want to wear again and again...



1.  The Statement Ring

Owning your jewellery style begins at your fingers. A gorgeous statement ring can add zest to any outfit, and it's one of the only pieces that you also get to look at all the time - so make it something you just love.

Try these:

Artisan Ring $150

Midnight Onyx Ring $220

Jet Crystal Ring $140

2.  Classic Earrings

Go anywhere, any occasion, every day. Classic earrings are understated but they certainly don't go unnoticed. Chic, neat and confident - go for studs or a small drop.

Try these:

Silver Triangle Studs $65

Classic Teardrops $70-$80
Silver Knot Studs $60


3. Long Bold Earrings

For evening, or to complete a relaxed BBQ look. Go long, or go for a touch of sparkle. A pair of long, fabulous earrings add a little drama to your look. The perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans or finish off that little black dress.

Try these:

Swarovski Crystal Long $85

Mexican Filigree $105

Aqueuse Earrings $75


4. A Classic Bangle

Classic arm candy. A well crafted bangle is eye-catching and makes the perfect piece to slip on every day, no catches, no clasps - just a beautiful, smooth circle of silver. Stack it with other bangles or bracelets for a bold, eclectic look.

Try these:

Classic Wide Bangle $190

Solid Golf Bangle $130



5. The Go-To Bracelet

The Go-To Bracelet is the one you reach for in that drawer full of leather, beads and charms. This is the one that doesn't date, that says chic, not "Mum" and just always looks good. This is a timeless piece that every girl should have.

Try these:

Classic Bead Bracelet - $190

Infinity Bracelet $90



6. An Evening Cuff

A little more glamour than your day pieces, this cuff is something special to finish off a gorgeous evening look. Pair with your evening earrings for a chic, not-too-done look.

Try these:

Classic Silver Cuff - $230

Ajoure Leaf Cuff $320


7. A Pendant Necklace

Dress a t-shirt up or finish a plunging neckline - the pendant necklace is a versatile piece. This is the piece that sits front and center, so let it reflect your style and your personality. Please, no name plates unless it's Fido.

Try these:

Silver Bubbles $150

Leaf Pendant $150

Spiral Pendant $120


April 06, 2016 — D Ramaiya

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